The beautiful days are coming… the desire for freedom and escape invades us.
To enhance your summer, the small Parisian label is back with a fresh and tangy selection signed by Ravin and Charles Schillings.
Heady beats, refreshing and captivating sounds…here is the Buddha-Bar Summer Vibes.
The first cd “Chill Beats by Ravin” is created especially for chilling at the end of the day. You come back from the beach, you sit by the pool, … a mojito in your hand, the time has come! You will find there the magnificent “Earthchild” of the famous Thanassis Vassilopoulos, the refreshing “La Squadra” by Notre Dame, or the hypnotic “Ubuntu” by Vandelor.
The second cd ” Summer Nite by Charles Schillings” is thought for your “after dinner”. You have spent a good time with friends, and you feel the urge to get up and start the party? This is the perfect mix! You will find the excellent cover of “I put a spell on you”, the envouting “Ale Ale” by Eran Hersh, or the heady “No Exit” by No Entry.

Available worldwide on July 1st!

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