Mentions Légales


Inspired by legendary writer (and nightlife habitué), Charles Bukowski, Barfly was the first ever concept to combine a Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with a live Dj. Barfly has reinvented the night experience by combining a perfect evening: from dining to lounging, while enjoying uplifting music mixed by talented Djs, sipping complex and innovative cocktails at the bar.


A neo-baroque concept decorated with warm reds, gold stel and aubergine tones and colors. A hip and energetic club-like atmosphere with luxury and comfort of an intimate restaurant. The vibe can be of a trendy lunch place, a relaxing afternoon lounge, an intimate bar setting for late afternoon or pre-diner drinks, a fantastic culinary restaurant experience while the energy in the room increasiness towards an uplifting club like atmosphere throughout the rest of the evening.


The menu offers the best of international cuisine, including French, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, American, complemented by an extensive wine list and creative cocktails to match the dishes.

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