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Buddha-Bar Spa

Buddha-Bar Spa is a unique space; a fusion of east meets west contemporary design, which allows guests to embark on a journey of health, well-being and spiritual awakening. We have created an environment with an element of surprise that breaks the mold of the traditional spa experience and offers an oasis from the distractions of everyday life. The B Attitude Spa takes its lead from the Buddha-Bar Paris, integrating core design elements into an interior that awakens the senses and evokes passion, unearthing the real self. B attitude Spa oozes with surprise and attitude…We create pure peace and pleasure focusing on the link between mind and body… Inspired by the natural elements of life, adding a Buddhattitude twist, we make it cool, chic, faithful to the just like the Buddha-Bar philosophy.

Surroundings contribute to our state of mind, balance in motion, passionate spaces that yield a sense of serenity for our guests, creating a marked departure from the real world. But at the same time our clients are on a voyage of discovery, looking for adventure drawing them away from the daily routine of life. We light the flame within and dare to be different; we go beyond the traditional spa experience and drift you gently in to our creation of the B/ attitude.

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