Mentions Légales


Handles of Katanas infuse the venue with Nippon touches and are reinvented to serve as support for glass shelves and immerse you in the Japanese tradition whose influence spreads to the chandeliers. Armors stand like statues and split into dark red curtains with tie backs reminiscent of the laces on Samurai armors. A huge golden wall featuring seven Samurai statues infuses an Ancient Japanese feel and pebble walls recreate the traditional Japanese design. The Bushido setting highlights Ancient Japan with warriors’ banners quoting the Samurai code of honor “Bravery, Loyalty and Honesty”, beautiful family seals with a thousand and one patterns adorning the balustrades and canvas paintings of tattooed Japanese ladies decorating the sushi-bar to immerse you in the feudal universe of Japanese warriors… to sum up, Bushido offers an exceptional architecture and design.
Bushido seduces and captivates your senses with its cuisine.
Combining traditional “Robata” and “Teppan Yaki” cuisine with “Fusion” food – the George V Eatertainment signature – Bushido takes you to a world of flavored refinement… “Robata” cuisine is a traditional Japanese cuisine prepared with charcoal fire. The “Teppan Yaki” cuisine, also inherited from Ancient Japan, offers a hot plate cooking prepared in front of the guests.

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