Beyond trends, Buddha-Bar transcends the art of living, gastronomy, celebration and music.
Lifted by its eponymous music compilations, the fame of this mythical Parisian is global: close to 30 destinations across the globe,
millions of albums sold, over 15 millions guests since the opening of Buddha-Bar Paris.
Yet Buddha-Bar keeps reinventing itself with daring recipes, designs, concepts & musical productions.
To celebrate the 25 years celebration of Buddha-Bar Paris, Buddha-Bar proudly brings together,
for the very first time ,the three pioneers of Lounge & Chill Music:
Stéphane Pompougnac, Charles Schillings & Ravin.
Make yourself comfortable, relax and let this unique trio take care of the rest…

Available soon in streaming, downloading, 3cd box, 4 vinyles box.