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2CD – Buddha-Bar Beach Barcelona

The sun  heats up, temperature rises, the water is good, the nights are longer and the music is stronger … it's the season of  Buddha-Bar Beach!This year, the small Parisian label takes you to the discovery of the most “caliente” summer spot in Europe ... the beautiful Barcelona.The Buddha-Bar Beach Barcelona, the fourth opus of the collection, continues in the resolutely refreshing neo-disco direction  that made the success of the previous volumes, complete with bewitching deep house and electro dance tracks, sprinkled with popular covers and exclusive mixes.An always hip & trendy  musical selection , concocted with passion and care within the label in association with Radio FG.From the French Disco title that feels like hot sand, to an array of electro hits, not to forget Buddha-Bar Beach signature  hypnotic melodies to dream by the sea  before dancing at sunset, this new opus is the indispensable soundtrack of a successful summer! This year the Buddha-Bar beach is enriched with a second CD,  deeper, organic, captivating, mixed live by DJ Camilo Franco (Space Ibiza, CDLC Barcelona) at CDLC, the mythical club of Barceloneta Beach, to continue the party in style  until the early morning!