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2CD – Buddha-Bar By Armen Miran

A new Buddha-Bar Collection… The deep music has evolved and makes our ears feels better. This new deep scene seduces the new generations of partiers. A booming phenomenon, a desire to live free, far from the tumult and stress imposed by the present society... Who better than Buddha-Bar, the precursor of this musical philosophy to embrace this new culture and help it grow? Maybe an emerging artist from this new scene? Armen Miran? Maybe a little voice blows in your head "yes pleaaaase.” Well listen to her because George V Records has called Armen to sign a new initiatory journey. The program includes two cds "made in Armen Miran" with only unpublished tracks from “Hraach”, “Blondish”, “Valeron”, “Kora”, “FakeMood”,.... The 3rd cd is signed by Ravin, the Buddha-Bar Maestro, who will make you travel to the rhythms of The Soul Brothers, Bedouin, Sahalé, Satori, Timujin…. Just relax and appreciate this pure moment created for you by Buddha-Bar…