Mentions Légales

Buddha-Bar Hotel, Paris (Digital only)

Born in 1996, Buddha-Bar has been the ultimate reference of Lounge Restaurants and above all of Lounge music compilations. With the creation of a Hotel Collection under the same brand name, Buddha-Bar confirms its vision of Lounge and signs a new edgy and modern music collection: Buddha-Bar Hotel. Retaining the Lounge & World DNA, the new compilation selected by DJ Ravin (Buddha-Bar Worldwide executive DJ), marks a turn in the story of the Buddha-Bar compilations with an atmosphere even cosier and more elegant but still as enchanting as ever. This Buddha-Bar Hotel opus will feature jazzy notes as well as world and electronic sounds that have made George V Records famous for more than 15 years. Bands such as Thor or Amanaska will be featured as well as some new ones like Sachmode, Rampue or Marlon Hoffstadt.Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, embark on a Chic & Zen journey.