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2CD – Buddha-Bar Meets French Kitchen

Buddha-Bar meets French Kitchen & Friends, a brand new French recipe, prepared with love...For the first time since its creation, George V Records has teamed up with another Parisian label. And not just any, as we are talking about French Kitchen, the creator of the famous «Cocobeach», "Aum" and «Story» parties. In this project, Sam Popat (resident DJ of the Buddha-Bar Paris) slums on a double album with Sucré Salé (Cocobeach), Animal & Me (Story) and Popof, a legend of Electronic music (Founder of the Heretik sound system). On the first CD, pour only remixes from the Buddha-Bar catalog, prepared by Popof and his associates. Added a second cd home made with unpublished titles and carefully selected by French Kitchen & Buddha-Bar. Let simmer on low heat, and listen to the soft cracklings signed Hraach, Nu, Timujin, Sahalé, Birds of Mind,... You will get the best of the current oriental deep scene maliciously eunited to delightyour taste buds.