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2CD – Buddha-Bar XII

Double CDMixed by Ravin This 12th opus - a celebration of love “à la française” - takes you to a journey through old Paris and immerses you in the most romantic country in the world. This new release, the fruits of this romantic period, features an artwork dedicated to love and sprinkled with kitsch that will not fail to delight the golden youth worldwide. Buddha-Bar xii opens the doors on a pink-tinted universe where dreams become reality. In this new compilation, dj Ravin extracts the essence of the Parisian charm to which he adds avant-garde and spicy elements ….. A first cd - entitled “la vie en rose” - compiles tracks imbued with sensuality including a kitsch remix of “la vie en rose”. A second cd, “pink me up”, highlights an electronic music selection skillfully orchestrated with acoustic and live ethnic sounds. Indulge in a romantic escape with the Buddha-Bar XIII compilation, available in stores on April, 6th 2010.