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CD – Buddha-Bar XV

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Buddha-Bar XV, a chill wind from Russia

After India’s heat and its vibrant colors, Buddha-Bar takes us to the wild East to discover Russia. Emblematic and mysterious country, Russia offers a wide array of climates, cultures and arts.
That last aspect has seduced DJ Ravin and led him to have Buddha-Bar XV focused on this enchanting atmosphere. Take a journey to these unexplored territories; walk through Russia from east to west and from North to South to the sweet sounds of Russian traditional instruments and vocals.
The first CD, acoustic and enchanting, will take you through the steppe, listening Bliss, Yasmine Hamdan, Thor,…
The second CD, more infused with electronic music, will immerse you in Russia’s warm nights with artists such as Dim Vach or  Sean Bay.


1/ Bliss "Absence Of Fear"
2/ Dale Cornelius  "Lament N°2 (Thor Tibetan Bell Edit)"
3/ Dim Vach "In Love With A Mermaid"
4/ Shaheen Sheik "Lullaby For Samiyah"
5/ Bart&Baker Feat. Marcella Puppini "Stop Googling Me! (ROGAN "Future Soul" Remix)"
6/ Balkan Fanatik Feat. Prophet (Teruo Artistry) and Janga "Ha Te Tudnád…/ Love Gone Wrong"
7/ Yasmine Hamdan "Shouei"
8/ Uttara Kuru "Neyuki"
9/ Thor "Chamka"
10/ Zoe "Let Me Go"
11/ Stan Kolev “Anandi”
12/ Yin And Yang "Golden Sun (Feat. Tiefblau)"
13/ Mihai Toma "Flutaka"
14/ Niyaz "Mazaar"
15/ George Chatzis "Thracian Vibe"
16/ Ganga  "The Wind (Feat. Helle Chirholm)"
17/ SoulAvenue "Padmasundari"


1/ D´Jean & Masonaise – Mashti Edit "Indian Man Of Trouble"
2/ Aki Bergen & Pezzner "Tarareando Feat. Terry Grant"
3/ Riva Starr Feat. Rssll "Absence (Original Extended)"
4/ Rocco "Saharien Child (Original Mix)"
5/ Andrew Richardson Feat. Sarina Suno 'The Violin Diva' "Hashim Theme (Original Mix)"
6/ Niconé & Sascha Braemer Feat. Narra "Raoui (Original Version)"
7/ HP. Hoeger "Delhi Oneway"
8/ Bevan Godden & Arnaud D "Ntobenthle (Momba Mix)"
9/ Mariza "Meu Fado Meu (Nuno Cunha Souldillaz Remix)"
10/ Fabrice Dayan & Peter Nalitch "My Guitar"
11/ Mikael Delta "The Last Storm Of Words (Dimi Phaze Remix)"
12/ Matvey Emerson "Luna (Original Mix)"
13/ Stan Kolev & Dinka Feat. Albena Veskova "Luminal (Original Vocal Mix)"
14/ Sean Bay Feat. Arabella "Maktoub 2 (Original Mix)”
15/ DJ Kaan Gokman "Bellycious"