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Buddha-Bar Beach

Buddha-Bar Beach is a seaside lifestyle concept, a subtle mix of swimming pool, food, terrace, beach and massages …

The perfect place to spend vacations, in a relaxing atmosphere to wake up your senses. Located in spectacular and beautiful locations, close to isolated beaches or hotel pools with breathtaking views, Buddha-Bar Beach caters to a fun and festive summer crowd,  looking for a hedonic experience…


Inspired by the favorite places of the 1980s (Goa, Ibiza …), where celebrities mingle with jet-setters, the Buddha-Bar Beach offers a bohemian and chic lifestyle, incorporating natural elements (stones, wood, water) to organic elements and blend perfectly with its environment.


The Buddha-Bar Beach offers a unique culinary experience that combines the signature dishes of the famous Buddha-Bar with unique local dishes and flavors. A series of internationally recognized chefs will be welcomed during the year and will oversee a refreshing, tasty and colorful menu. The menu will also includes seafood cuisine and other local selections all more delicious …

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