Mentions Légales


After the polar lands, Sahara, Africa and Asia, Buddhattitude comes back to the roots and takes us to the “roof of the world” with a new opus dedicated to the Himalaya. The playlist of Buddhattitude Himalaya takes us to a musical journey awakening the senses and inviting meditation: the sounds remind of the modulations of the traditional Indian instruments such as the sitar, sarinda…The plucked string instruments musically evoke the mythical landscapes of the Himalayas and make us travel along the lakes, forests and summits of this world-famous fairy-tale region.  The soothing rhythms of this new release blow a fresh wind over the legendary past of Ancient India. The wind instruments such as the bansuri symbolize the free breeze across the Himalayan plains & mountains and breathe harmony into the listeners’ chakras. On this compilation, music builds itself like a bridge between the earth and sky taking the listener to a holistic and music-filled journey for the body and mind.